Family Pet Cremation Centers

Testimonials 2017

Your kindness means the world to me. This is not an overstatement. Please know how important, critical, and caring your service was to me. Thank you for doing exactly what you do. Thank you for adding Jig to your Angel Wall. I am forever grateful to all of you.  Christine


To the staff at Family Pet Cremation Centers....we are so thankful that you do what you do.  Our Nico passed away on a Friday night and you didn't hesitate to meet us at your beautiful office.  Our hearts were broken with Nico's passing and your candlelit room was very much dignity for our sweet boy with everything you did.  We are very grateful for all you did and so glad we have a facility like yours right here in our area.  Nico's Family August 1, 2017

Pam, Will & Marilyn....we would like to express our heartfelt thanks in the way you handled our baby, Abby. It was one of the hardest days of our lives. Abby was treated with so much respect and love. Your candlelit room was just what our family needed to say our last good bye. The paw print you made for us will be treasured forever.  Thank you for listening and caring.  The book for our daughters is wonderful too.  We will share our experience with our friends and family. Thank you again. Abby's Family Oct. 2016


I usually don't write to thank a business for their service but this is a true exception.  When Jessie, our beloved Lab was diagnosed with cancer our hearts were just broken.  He was like our "child".  After 14 years it was tough to see him so sick.  We visited your Center and spoke was Pam who also shared her stories about their Lab.  We laughed at how spoiled they were, cried at the thought of losing a family member and shared our beliefs of what was to come next.  We thank you more than you will ever know for the respect and dignity in which Jessie was treated.  From the candles to the Rainbow Bridge poem...all of your staff are truly caring, loving people.  The Greyson Family August 2016

Thank you for your support and assistance with the passing of our beloved Junior.  It's nice to know that there are people that care about pets like we do.  The Blackfords 2016

We are so thankful for your Cremation Center.  You were both so understanding and sympathetic.  There are some people and Vet clinics that just don't understand the importance of grieving when our fur babies pass.  We would just like to truly thank you for being there for our family when Mooch passed.  The Jackson's


Our family would like to thank your staff during our very difficult day.  Buddy was a huge part of our family.  Coming to our home was much more than we ever expected.  I don’t know how we would’ve dealt with his passing on our own.  We can tell you love animals as much as we do.  Thank you for listening to our stories and letting us meet your “Charlee”.  Her kisses were just what we needed.  So glad for your Center here in Petoskey.    The Simmons Family



Thank you for helping with my mom’s 15 year old “Mikey”.  He meant the world to her.  He slept on her bed every day and took his last breath with her sitting beside him.  My mom is on a fixed income and we are very grateful for all you did. The Dexter’s.



Pam & Bill…thank you for helping with my Katie.  Katie was 12 years old and passed away last night with me by her side.  I knew she was getting worse when she couldn’t jump up on my bed.  I slept by her side in the chair.  She passed away peacefully in the night.  It was hard bringing her in this morning but I’m so thankful you were there to help us.  Your beautiful , candlelit room was a calming way to let her go.  Thank you for asking about her life…and sharing a story about your dog, too. The Partington’s

I am writing this for a special couple I met yesterday. Their beautiful Airedale, Max, passed away yesterday. Last week Andy came to our center just to talk. We spoke about Max's illness and he just didn't know what he was going to do without him. I felt like I knew a bit about Max after that. I knew how great of a life he was given and that nobody loved Max more than Andy. Yesterday Max passed away and was brought to our Center. I took very special care of this sweet boy...and today, at Andy's request, Max's ashes were sprinkled along a wildflower trail in the woods. Run Free Sweet Max.

Richard & Lisa
I thank God for you & service you provide. Loosing our Tarbaby to Degenerative Myelopathy and having to help her to Rainbow Bridge was the hardest and saddest thing my husband &I have had to do. The GENUINE compassion, understanding, respect and love for our furry family members made it the special time it should be. Your staff including Reba & Lily are the comfort one needs during this heartbreakng time. Letting us tell you all about our baby like Diane said helps more than we can tell you but you already know. Thank you so very much for being the kind of people who have touched my family's heart in a special way.

Cindy Burnett

Yesterday was one of the worst days of our lives,our beloved jack was taken from us way too soon.when I walked into a very lovely building and was greeted with a warm hug.Today we pick up jack to bring him home.thank you for your compassion.

Love, support , respect and understanding...thank you for allowing us the extra time in the private room to say good-bye to our sweet boy. You provide a much needed service for our furry creatures...they are our family too! Hugs to you both.

So glad I found your Center. I can't begin to thank you for all you've done. The service and assurance you provided were heartfelt. So comforting to meet you and be able to talk about my baby. Your dog Charlee is beautiful and when she put her head on my knee it was as if she knew I was hurting. Thank you so much for being there for us.

One of the hardest things I ever had to do was to put our beloved Mohawk to sleep and you made dealing with her death a lot easier and I can't thank you enough. You do a great service to everyone who looses a pet. Thank you so much.


Dear Folks-We really appreciate the care and concern shown us in handling our cat, Owen's, remains.  Everything was special to us, down to the pawprint and flower seeds.  Thanks for making his passing easier to bare.  Chris, Jeff & Alex

Your donation to the area shelters is awesome.  We thank you for donating to Elk Country Animal Shelter in our wonderful Sheba's name.  You were just wonderful to our family and we thank you for that.  Pat & JoAnn

Today we lost a best friend.  Max was so much a part of our hearts. Our family would like to thank you for being there when we needed you.  Not only did you come in on a Saturday evening, Max was returned to us on Monday.  We're grateful for the business you have, the time you spent with us, and the respectful way you handled our Max.  The Mosby Family