Family Pet Cremation Centers

"You Left Paw Prints on My Heart"

During the month of September several of our beloved, talented pets had to leave their humans behind.  We honor their lives for what they gave to us without ever asking for anything in return except maybe a friendly pat, a soft bed and of course...treats!  We are donating $5.00 for every cremation back to an animal organization in our area. We are also supporting Heroes Betterment K-9 Military dogs and their Handlers

September 2018

We have been working on a new website.  We are still waiting for the final pages to be completed.  The new design will have pics of some of the wonderful pets that have passed away. So instead of writing about them all now....I will complete this as soon as we have our completed pages.  Hugs to all of you that have lost a sweet family member this month: Winchester, Shatzi, Mickey, Six, Scooter, Lucy, Lance, Piper, Chloe, Porkchop, Binky, Cooper, Kiera, Belle, Oscar, Mittens, Satch, Tucker, Butchie, Violet, Tigger and Rocky.

August 2018

So many beautiful fur babies passed away over the weekend from our local vet clinics...hugs to all of you who are dealing with your loss as well.....Jasper, Zak, Boomer, Major, Chase, Tess, Brightheart, K, Otis, Lizzy, Bridgett, and Dolly B.

”Tech” lived an amazing 13 years with the Freeman family.  Tech was a handsome Doberman who gave us many years of laughter and hugs. R.I.P. sweet boy.

”Loida” a.k.a. Shorty the Torti  cat passed away at age 15.  We miss your sweet purrs and meows. The Raeder Family.

”Marley” passed away at the age of 10.5.  You were the most beautiful black lab ever.  We loved you every day and will always remember your wonderful spirit. Run free from pain. We will see you again at The Rainbow Bridge.

”Rosie” the Chihuahua lived to be 15.5 years old.  Our hearts are missing a piece that is now and forever with you sweet girl.

”Max” the Corgi passed away at age 10 after a wonderful life with the  Mishkr family. You brought so much joy into our home.  Hugs sweet boy.

”Gabby” the chocolate lab lived to be 16 years old. We know you know how much we loved you but it sure does hurt.  We miss your sweet soul girl.

”Lakota Lynn” passed away at age 9. Dakota was a beautiful English Mastiff with a huge heart. Miss you sweet girl.

”Rocky” age 10 passed away at home .  What a wonderful life you had with your human and fur family.  You will be missed so much sweet boy.

Stryder “Brown” the kitty passed away after jumping off of a table and hitting his head.  So sad for all of you.

To all of the families who lost pets over the weekend, we send you hugs.  You were all an important part of our lives:  Julio, Bokeem, Brinkley, Jag, Bosco, Bo, Jasmine, Buddy, Max, Jackson, Harry, Astrid, Minnie, Harry and Logan.

”Rusty” was a Golden Collie who lived a wonderful life.  Rusty passed away while camping with his family at the age of 13.  You were so special to all of the Fairbanks-Raney family.

”Bear” was only three years old but made quite an impression on those who knew him.  He passed away almost instantly as if he had a heart attack.  Bear was an Australian Cattle dog who loved life. Missed very much by Erica.

”Dude” was a 14y/o German Shorthair. He spent the day swimming in the lake with his family and passed away in his owner’s arms later that night.  He was a big sweetheart and the best pal anyone could hope to have.  Dude used to carry toilet paper rolls throughout the house and make the biggest mess! He did this is entire life.  R.I.P. sweet boy.

”Coco” the Pomeranian lived to be 12 years old. Coco was spoiled by the whole family and loved to be pampered by Andrea.

”Alfie”...16 y/o Dandi Dinmout Terrier...Passed away after a wonderful life with Tim and Fiona.  Allie was brought here from Scotland 14 years ago and lived a beautiful life in the green pastures with the Fletcher-Rice family.  What a handsome boy he was.

JULY 2018

”Gunner” 10 y/o...”If love could’ve saved you, you would’ve lived forever.”

”Lizzy” Honeycutt..only 10 but spoiled by the family every day of her life.  Lizzy was abandoned as a young girl and taken in as a stray by Janet and Ken who have very big hearts.

“Sassy” the 23 y/o Siamese lived the life of a Princess.  Loved by the entire Readmond Family.

”Wilson” ...What a character! Loved by all who met him and a wonderful member of the Tucek Family.

”Sir Bentley”..handsome Great Dane...passed away at Young State Park while on vacation with his family. After a day of swimming and napping in the shade, sweet Harley passed away from a heart attack.  Never sick a day in his life.  You were such a beautiful, gentle giant. And...Lowe’s was your favorite place to go and wander the aisles!

”Harley”..13 years of loving you...we are heart broken but know you are free from all the aches and pains you must’ve felt.  Love you sweet boy.

”Ranger”..12y/o German Shepard...we miss your wonderful spirit sweet boy.

”KoKo”..14 1/2... We met you when you were just five weeks old.  We have loved you every day and our hearts are missing a piece without you here.  You brought such joy to all of us.  You were a beautiful soul and we will treasure our time spent together.

”Willa” ...only a meant the world to us in your short life sweet baby.

”Austin” 13 y/o  beautiful Cocker Spaniel. We are truly lost without your sweet pitter  patter following us around.

”Angus” almost 14...Golden Retriever...passed away at home.  You were one loved pup sweet boy.  Miss you forever.

”Spencer” 15 y/o Lab passed away after a wonderful life of swimming in the lake, chasing squirrels and eating many yummy treats.  Our world has changed without you sweet boy.

”Opie” 14 y/o sweet Westin. Passed away at his vacation home on Lake Huron after a spoiled life with the Petrin Family.

”Mitzi” 18 y/o kitty passed away after a wonderful life with The Thomas Family.

June 2018

” Princess” age 2, passed away after being hit by a car. She impressed everyone who met her and stole their hearts as well. Love you beautiful girl. The Day Family

”Spanky Oliver”...9 y/o Lab mix passed away after a lifetime of fun and love with Julie. Spanky was over 100# and quite a character. Love you sweet boy

Bomber” the Terrier passed away at home at the age of 14. Shawn rescued this sweet boy 14 years ago in Arizona. Bomber loved to travel everywhere with the family and was definitely the King of the house. Loved very much by The Beelers.

“Tyson” passed away on June 1 after a wonderful life with The Gapinski Family. Tyson was rescued many years ago and lived a very spoiled life with Mike & Missy. Love ya big guy

May 2018

”Bug” passed away at age 12 after a wonderful life with the Fairlamb family.  You were a special part of this family and will never be forgotten.

”Jade” the Boxer lived to a Grand age of 12 with the Ervin Family.  Jade was the boss of the family which included many boxers. Your family will be missing your sweet personality but know that you are in a place free from pain.

”Bella “ the gorgeous English Bulldog lost her life this morning after being hit by a car.  Bella was 12 y/o and quite a character.  Her favorite toy was a bowling ball that she stood on top of and pushed all over the yard. Tim is going to miss you more than you know sweet girl.

”Lishka Bluelle”..a gorgeous Pit Bull passed away at age 13. Lishka was rescued from a dog fighting ring at the age of five weeks. Lishka was bottle fed and given so much love every day of her life.  She was a beautiful girl with one green eye and one blue eye.  We will miss your sweet soul.

”Samantha” the Golden Retriever-passed away at age 15 after being loved and spoiled by The Brown Family.  You will be missed beautiful girl.

”Bon Jovi” the kitty lived a long wonderful life with the Barrette Family.  He was placed in a foster home as a young kitty and never left!  He stole their hearts.

”Shrek” the Siamese...passed away from a Urinary tract infection....he was a huge character in the Kuznicki Family and loved all of his dog and cat family as well.  Love you sweet boy.

”Dorian” the toy poodle passed away at home at the age of 13.  Dorian was very loved and spoiled by a most wonderful family.  R.I. P. Sweet girl.

”Claireece” ...only two...was hit by a car while chasing a rabbit.  She was adopted at age 5 months and lived a wonderful life with her pet brothers and sisters and The Warsaw Family.

”Kayla” the beautiful terrier passed away today after a battle with kidney disease.  Kayla was a rescue at age 8 and lived another 4 years with a wonderful family that loved and cherished every minute with her.  We love you...The Lee Family

”Sweet Gunner” the Pug...passed away after a wonderful life with Trisha.  Gunner used a wheelchair for several years after losing the use of his back legs.  Loved every dog and missed so very much.

”Blossom” age 7 passed away from kidney failure.  Beautiful mink colored bunny loved by Susan.

“Gracie” age 11 passed away at home after a battle with Lepto Virus.  She fought hard but couldn’t overcome the devasting toll it took on her little body.  Loved by The Breuhan’s

April 2018

”Sweet Lil”...16 y/o beagle and Bob’s best girl. Lil was the mascot in the auto body garage and kept everyone in line.  At home she was the queen of the house.  You are no longer in pain beautiful girl.

”Livi”...Love Is Very Important....passed away today after an incredible life with Frank and Pam.  Livi will be missed by all who met her and especially her brother Nic. You have gained your wings pain free sweet girl.

”Taser”...very special member of The Cheboygan County Sheriff’s Dept. k-9 Unit...retired and living the life with the LaCross Family.  You served our community free sweet boy.

”Nicky” age 16... you were my girl and I am beside myself with grief over losing you.  R.I.P. sweetie.  The Golden Family

”Breeze” only were born with many challenges and we loved taking care of you always.  You will be missed more than you know.

“Ruger”...11y/o Chocolate Lab passed away suddenly at home.  You are missed very much by The McKinstry Family

”Carl”...11 y/o and loved very much by The  Mullett Family

”Goober”...missed by The Paul Family  and loved very much

”Shadow”...12 y/o and a very special part of the Hill Family.

”Finn”...only three...and Gizzy’s brother.  R.I.P. sweet boys

”Gizzy” passed away at age three. Although he only lived a short time here on earth, he made quite an impression to all who met him.

”Buttons” was only four but a very special member of The Speese Family.

”Mia” was 14 when she had to leave her wonderful family, The Lester’s. I know she was a very spoiled sweet little girl. Xxoo

”Baby Blue” was 13 when he passed away at home.  Handsome boy who was loved by all.

Tangerine...beautiful 14 y/o kitty passed away at home...missed very much by The Butka Family

March 2018

”Kehly”...beautiful Golden Retriever fought hard sweet girl and passed away doing what you loved best and surrounded by your family.

”Cricket”...14 y/o...wonderful companion to the Fairlamb Family.  You were a very smart Boston Terrier who loved nothing more than a game of ball and to be always touching Jeff.  You passed away peacefully at Jeff’s feet in your sleep.

”Chet” 6 y/ o beautiful walker hound went missing in December. He was just found in a snow bank today.  R.I. P. Sweet boy.  Your family can now rest knowing you are taken care of.

“King Louie” the handsome Bearded Dragon passed away today.  He was only two but had quite a few personality traits and a definite preference about what he would and would not eat.  Loved and spoiled by Carrie.

“Hershey” the 10 y/o chocolate Lab....loved to eat expensive cheese and for special treats with his daddy...McDonald’s Cheeseburgers.  Hershey also loved toys but only the pink ones! Lol  Hugs to The Hayes family.

“Zackery” lived a wonderful life with Sandy and Dean for 17 years.  Knowing this family, I can only imagine how much he was loved and spoiled. We will miss your spirit sweet boy.

“Sebastian” the chihuahua...lived a spoiled life for 18 years with The Hohl Family.  He was small but mighty! Miss you sweet boy.

“Sweet Izzy” passed away from a stroke at age 11.  She was a wonderful friend to all who met her.

K-9 Officer “Bear” passed away this week after retiring from the U.S. Army as a search and rescue canine. Bear was deployed several times to Afghanistan and saved many lives while also working as a bomb detection dog. Bear understood  65 hand signal commands and five different languages. Thank you for your service. Bear was 13.

K-9 Officer “Zoom” passed away this week. Zoom worked many years for the Emmet County Sheriff’s Dept.  He has spent the last few years as a family Pet enjoying the good life.  Thank you for all you’ve done Zoom. Zoom was 11 and a Belgian Malinois.

“LuLu”.  Beautiful girl rescued from a Tennessee shelter 10 years ago.  Lived a spoiled life in Boyne City on the Lake.  You will always be remembered sweet girl.  Age unknown

Zoey” 13 year old Pug mix passed away 24 hours after contracting Parvo.  The family is devastated and now watching their other Labs who have been vaccinated.

February 2018

“Helga” beautiful kitty who loved us for 19 years.  So hard to say good bye. The Hamilton’s

“Abby” made us smile for 14 years.  Miss you like crazy. The Ferguson Family

Brady” our 10 year old English Bulldog.  Loved the water..especially Lake Michigan.  We will always love you sweet boy.  The Chilcote Family

“Black Pearle”...part German Short Hair...part Lab.  Named after The Pirates of the Caribbean friend to our whole family.  Hugs sweet girl.  The Carter Family

Nikkita” 11 year old best friend to Nancy...I will always treasure our time together sweet girl.

“Maggie”...what a ride you’ve given all of us sweet girl.  You were the gentle soul of the neighborhood and boy how you loved the Lake.  We will always miss our time together...The Beckett Family

“Baby Blue” the handsome Golden passed away from Cancer at the age of 12. Your Mama is waiting for you at The Rainbow Bridge sweet boy.

“Okie” the 10 year old Husky passed away at home after a blood illness.  Loved very much by Melissa and David.

“Riley Van Winkle”...age 9...passed away instantly from being hit by a passing car. Riley never went by the road and this was a sad accident for the whole family. Kisses sweet girl.

Darla”..only 6...passed away in a house fire over the week end.  Her family is heart broken and will always remember her special spirit.

“Little Man Kitty”...14 years old and what a wonderful, spoiled life he enjoyed.  You will be treasured in our hearts forever.  The Thomas family

“Buddy”  13 y/o handsome Lab passed away at home from Cancer.  Missed very much by his favorite human, Penny.

Phoebe”...9 y/o beautiful Pit passed away at home. Loved by all who met her.

Sadie” 12 year old Mastiff...beautiful Sable color...sweetness dog ever. R.I.P. sweetheart

“Cochise”  age 13. Wonderful pit/boxer mix who just loved everything about life with Jamica...we will meet again sweet boy.

”Bullitt”..age 10..named after Steve McQueen’s were our best friend and will forever have a piece of our hearts.  You fought a hard battle to the end sweet boy.   The Oldham Family

”Sampson” ...only 7...sweetest little chihuahua ever! Loved and missed by Melissa

”Garfield” 11 y/o kitty loved by the whole neighborhood.

”Spice”..we tried to save you sweet baby but it was your time to go.  Spread your wings and be without pain.  We will meet again some day.

Shaggy” 14 y/ o yellow lab service dog.  What a wonderful time you had on this Earth sweet boy. Thank you for always looking out for me. I miss you more than you know.  William M.

January 2018

Alaska” the 2 y/o Rat...named after the colors in the mountains of Alaska.

”Garfunkel”... the most beautiful 6 y/o kitty, passed away at home from a heart attack.  You will be missed by the whole Mulholland Family.

Otto” the most handsome German Wire haired terrier...passed away at age 11 from liver cancer.  From the stories your Papa were quite a boy...with a part human soul.  You gave the Forman’s as much love as anyone possibly could.  You will be missed forever.

”Roxie”...beautiful Pitbull was in a car accident with her owner....only 1 1/2 but quite a little star were very special pretty girl.  R.I.P,

”Blyss” the kitty ...only 7 months old but loved by everyone.

The Lloyd family needs a prayer from all of us today.  While they were at church, there was a fire in their home.  Mr. Lloyd raises Labs and trains them for hunting.  They lost 12 of their wonderful family members from smoke inhalation ...R.I.P...Annie, Abe, Becca, Trinity, Jake and six of their puppies.  Hugs to all of you.

”Maggie” 13 years old...sassy little dachshund that ruled the household.  You are together again with Grandma and your sister.

”Akasha Lynn”  13 years old...wonderful member of the Bentley Family. You have left a hole in our hearts sweet girl.

”Afton”...14 Years Old...sweet girl who loved to bike with the Elenz Family...if she was with Jon and Carla then she was at her happiest. We love you sweet girl.

”Julian” age 11...handsome white Standard Poodle with quite an awesome personality....passed away at home from Cancer surrounded by his four brother poodles.  We will miss you more than you know sweet boy...The Gray Family

”Jaden”...8 y/ were a remarkable, beautiful and sweet girl. We will miss you always and remember your fun personality forever.  Love you...The Roux Family

”CeCe” a.k.a. Caesar..age have had a wonderful life with people who loved you very much.  Your Mom will be there to greet you at The Rainbow Bridge sweet boy....reunited at last. XxOo The Stuckey And Van Gamper’s

”Rajsha”...16 year old white husky with ice blue eyes....never sick a day in his wonderful life and loved every second he was on this earth.

”Buckshot”..the most handsome Aussie who passed away at age 1 from a very rare cancer.  You have left your mark on many people sweet boy....xxoo

”Spooky Dude”..15y/o golden...what a ride we’ve had together.  Miss you sweet boy..The Wright Family

”Lily”..16...wonderful kitty and my best pal

”Reese”...only 10...We miss you sweet girl...The Honson Family

”Beetle” 16 y/o...loved you since the day we met you...

”Sugar”...16 y/o Golden...Ken loves you sweet dog ever


December 2017

”Sia” age 8...sweetest little kitty around.  Passed away from cancer

”Casper” age 8...passed away from Cancer...miss you sweet boy

”Reese” age 10...passed away from lung Cancer in the arms of his are missed beyond explanation sweet girl. We sent you off with tobacco and cedar boughs per your owners wishes.

”Izzy”...14 year old beautiful Golden.  Passed away at home surrounded by those that loved her so much.  Hugs to The Kelly Family.

November 2017

Ozzy the Guinea Pig passed away today at the age of two.  Loved by The Feelex Family

”Baxter”...aged 15 passed away at home last night in front of his favorite spot...the fireplace. Baxter was a handsome white kitty with beautiful mark8ngs.  Missed by The Steffner’s

”Jewels” aged 19...passed away after a wonderful life with The Murray’s

”Sunny”..aged 13 ...handsome German Shorthair...passed away at the age of 13

”Esther Ruth” the kitty passed away at age 17. Loved by Kelly

”Ozzy” the bulldog passed away at home at the age of 8.  Loved by The Gates Family

”Dacoda” the handsome Brittany passed away at home...loved by The Zack’s

”Jimmy” the cat passed away on Nov.1 after a happy life with The Card Family

“Molly” age 13 passed away from Cancer after a beautiful life with The Pohytsky Family

“Bean”...19 y/o mini greyhound..lived a wonderful life with The Werda Family

October 2017

”Kody”the kitty...14 y/o and a special member of the family

”Kenai” Only three and gone way too soon.

”Squire”...beautiful Golden Retriever

“Sydney”Spires 14 y/o beautiful Lab

”Daniel” 12 y/o  handsome black kitty

”Pattycake” 14y/o  sweet Chihuahua

”Tigger” 11 y/o sweet kitty

”Zeb” 10y/o Schnauzer

”Nala” 17y/o beautiful kitty

”Cosmo” the smartest little Yorkie 14 y/o

Angels from our Vet Clinics:

Allie Mae                     Star                    Miss Kitty                       Manthei


Colby Girl                  Ben                     Joey                                Rusty


Milo                           Emmie                Hazel                                Rat


Lilly                           Brownie            Sadie Mae                         Stitch


September 2017

”Brinks”...11 y/o gorgeous rough coated Mastiff.  Brinks spent his life as a certified therapy dog in our area nursing homes and hospitals.  He has won numerous blue ribbons throughout his life as well.  What a beautiful soul.  We will miss you sweet boy...The Wilson Family

”Cho-Co” the 11 y/o pit bull that was rescued from a horrible situation and lived the last year of his life as a were such a sweet boy and we are honored to have had you be part of our family. Love you..The McKay’s

”Orion” the handsome husky passed away at home.  He lived a wonderful 12 years surrounded by those that loved him.

"Seppi"...Thanks for everything...I had a wonderful time. Love you all!

"Chance" passed away today after a very happy life with The Johnson Family.  He is missed very much by everyone.

"Cabin" the kitty passed away after a long wonderful life with The Holborn Family.

"Cinco" 14 y/o Chihuahua passed away this past weekend after a wonderful life with The Grimm Family. We love you little buddy!

"Felix" the handsome kitty passed away after a year long battle with diabetes. Nicole misses you very much big boy.

"Keno" the handsome yellow lab passed away from a heart attack.  He joins his sister at The Rainbow Bridge who just passed away in July.  Your family is sad to have lost both of you so close together.

August 2017

"Possum" the 20# pure white kitty passed away at age 12 from injuries he received in an accident.  We tried to save you sweet little just wasn't meant to be.  I miss you my friend...especially the mornings when you sat on my lap and helped me read the paper.  Brad

"Missy" passed away today after being diagnosed with kidney failure.  She was a beautiful little terrier who loved everyone but mostly her "Mama", Karen.  The house is forever changed without you my friend.

"Rocky" passed away today at age 8 from cancer. He was pit bull and Lab and raised by Terry from the day he was born.  Sweet friend you will be missed by all of us.

"Trudy"...11..beautiful bob tail kitty passed away today after a long illness.  Trudy was named after Saint Gertrude because she was born with so many issues and they needed every prayer they could get.  Missed very much by The O'Connors

"Louie"...17 y/o handsome kitty.  We watched you being born in our backyard all those years ago. You have been a special member of our family. Love and miss you sweet boy.

"Peppy" the 15 y/o Poodle passed away last night from heart failure.  You were my reason for living sweet boy. Miss you forever. Rebecca

"Quincy" the kitty passed away at age 15 after a wonderful life with The Olson Family

"Cookie" the cat lived to be 17y/o. He was loved and spoiled every day by The McKay's

"Rudy"...handsome 15 y/o English Setter went to The Rainbow Bridge after a beautiful life spent with The Proctor Family.

"Lexi" passed away at age 14. You will be missed by all Sweet Girl. The Cook Family

"Jasmine" the sweet little chihuahua passed away from heart failure at age 13. Loved every day by Nicole.

"Rucker"...wonderful part of The Treadway Family.  We miss you sweet boy.

"Milo" lived an incredible 18 years with The Moore Family.  Our home is not the same without our sweet boy.

"Buster"  spoiled and loved by The Pomarzynski Family.

"Tank" the 10 y/o Mastiff made all who met him smile.  We miss you every day but know you are no longer in pain. Shadow...12...joined his sweet brother Tank at The Rainbow Bridge.  No longer in pain and running free.

"Schatzie" our wonderful schnauzer had a wonderful 14 years with The Terwilliger Family.

July 2017

"Zirk" lived an incredible 18 years with The Winger Family. Zirk was an awesome bird dog and loved life.

"Roxie" 14 y/o passed away after a wonderful life with The Jordan Family.

"Grendel"...handsome 12 y/o passed away at home over the week end.  Missed very much by his human, Sara

"Major" was a 14 y/o Shepard who passed away at home.  Loved very much by The Kent Family

"Meia" 15 y/o passed away at home on Sunday...loved very much by The Ross Family

"Diego"...17 year old Lab mix..passed away at home in his backyard after a wonderful life with The Kauffman Family.  Diego grew up surrounded by love from the Kauffman children and his other furry brothers and sisters.  Love you sweet boy.

"Angel"...16 y/o Beagle and best friend to the Carroll Family.  You will be missed sweet girl.

"Misty"...gorgeous Ragdoll Siamese passed away after a battle with kidney disease.  Misty was rescued at age 10 from a shelter and given a wonderful last few years of her life with Tricia.

"Koda" boy...only 4...hit by a car...most gentle pit bull who loved car rides.  Your family is devasted and miss you more than you'll know. R.I.P. Sweet boy...hugs from Autumn

"Chloe"..15 y/o Portuguese Water Dog....passed away on Sunday at her home on the lake.  Chloe took her last boat ride with the people she loved most in the world.  Run free sweet girl. We will miss you like crazy. The Love Family

"Kipper" passed away at home after 17 years with The Gerred Family.  Although he was only 5 pounds...he ran the show.  Missed and loved every day.

"Greyson" the handsome cat who thought he was a dog...chose to live with Maggie and Hoyt over nine years ago.  He showed up in the middle of winter, scared and skinny and was welcomed by the family which also included three females and a dog.  Greyson loved his life on the lake and especially his human, Hoyt.

"Dolly" ...beautiful girl who lived with The Bucherri Family for 10 wonderful years.  Very spoiled and loved by all who met her.

"Lucy"...lived to be 15years old with The Bottrell Family.  Loved very much by Charlie.

"Romulus" our sweet lizard lived to be four years old.  Passed away at home on July 6.

"Chloe" was the most beautiful husky mix who loved to be outside. Sadly, she passed away after being hit by a car at only 22 months old.  In her short time, she made a great impression on all who met her.  Missed by The Roberts family.

"Midnite" lived a wonderful life of 15 years with The Grim Family. He passed away at home from old age.

June 2017

"Tassy" lived to be 14 y/o.  She loved the water and especially boat rides.  Tassy passed away while on a boat ride in the river.  I know you are pain free now....see you on the other side.

"Cooper"...very handsome 11 y/o long-haired dachshund...was spoiled and loved every single day by The Fletcher-Rice family. Your fur was like silk...I will miss you always sitting by my feet while I worked in my office. RIP sweet boy.

"Wilma" lived to be 16y/o with Kristin by her side always.  Missed very much.

"Sierra" the incredible Lab lived a life full of adventures and yummy treats.  Every day was a joy sweet girl. Love you forever.

"Peanut Butter" lived to be 16 years old with the Haviland Family....wonderful kitty and lived by all.

"Savannah" 13 1/2 year old beautiful Chocolate lab passed away at home with her family by her side. Lisa picked Savannah out of a litter when she was only two weeks old.  They shared an incredible life together along with their other two labs.  Love you sweet girl!

"Shaggy" lived a wonderful 17 years with The Sircely Family.  Loved by all who met him.

"Ronin"  handsome Pit bull Terrier passed away at the age of 2.  Loved very much by The Downey Family.

"Riley" only 6 1/2...beautiful Great Dane loved life and living with The Graham Family.  You will be missed  xxoo

"Smokey" the 18 year old kitty.  All of your people and your brother miss you.   Your were a delight until the very end sweet girl.

Bruno..the most handsome German Shepherd ever! Bruno was a service dog who stayed by Mr. Webber's side for many years until his passing this past winter.  Missed by all who loved him.

"Catella"...wonderful Rottweiler who lived the life of luxury with the Frazier family.  Catella lived to be 12...she was chosen by Pat at two weeks of age.  You will be missed terribly. Xxoo

"Bailey"...12 y/o beautiful Golden passed away at home on Sunday.  Bailey was surrounded by her canine friends and family.  She loved the lake and everyone she met.  Missed by The Parker Family

"Buddy" the 15 y/o shihtzu passed away at home on Saturday.  Buddy lived a wonderful life with The Hoult Family.  Missed by all who knew him.

"Skyler" passed away at the age of 12 in his favorite spot in the living room. I love Skyler's story...he belonged to a family that lived over  a mile away.  About once a week for a year, he would show up at Cathy's door to visit her Golden Retriever.  Finally Pat went to the owner and asked if they could adopt him...the original family kept him on a chain in a dog house.  Every time he would break away...they knew where to find him.  The adoption took place and Skyler never left his new home again.  He was loved and spoiled every day by the Siebert Family.

"Chiquita"...a handsome Chihuahua rescued fromTexas by the Hull Family.  Chiquita was born was medical issues but ended up in the best home possible.  Jim and Debby loved him every day..he passed away in their arms at the age of one.

May 2017

"Officer Chance" k-9 Unit..Inkster, MI.  Passed away unexpectantly at the age of seven.  Best partner a guy could have.  As Officer Jeff put it...he was my brother, he never let me down on over 1200 searches, 700 tracks and countless other calls.  You served the people well my friend.  Smartest dog ever.  Love and hugs sweet boy.

"Emerald"...age 14...lost her fight this week. You were the sweet baby that we picked from a litter of wiggly pups but mostly because you picked us.  Best girl ever.  The Agrusa Family

"Tigger" sweet Labradoodle joined her Special person in Heaven today.  Your spirit lives on in all that I see today.  You were loved by everyone.  The Eis Family

"Stella" were only six but the time we had together will stay in my heart forever.  Miss you sweet girl..Monica

"Zero" 12 years old..passed away at home unexpectantly.  Loved very much by The Walker's

"Lilly"  age 15...RIP sweet girl

"Cat"...a handsome Burmese kitty traveled everywhere with his family having recently moved here from Tampa.  He loved to sit in the sunshine and purr.

"Beautiful Chloe"...lived a wonderful 15 years with Chris.  Chloe was chosen by Chris when she was just two weeks old.  She lived the life of a princess and was loved every day of her life.

"Norman" the Himalayan...passed away from kidney failure at the age of 8.  He lived his life with The Oliver family since he was six weeks old.  Norman loved to snuggle and purr...he will be missed by all who loved hi.

"Sweet Alyce" lost her life at age 1. R.I.P.  Beautiful girl.

"Jorja" passed away after being diagnosed with bone cancer at age 12. She was tossed from a truck at 8 weeks old and rescued by a wonderful family, The Verbanac'c. Jorja was loved and spoiled for 12 years.

April 2017

"Titan"  passed away after an unfortunate attack by a bear.  He was a beautiful soul who loved to go on boat rides with his family.  R.I.P. Sweet boy.

"Pepper" ...passed away at age 15....Loved by The Murray Family

"Alee" passed away at age 11 3/4.  We will miss you greatly...The Rogers family

"Snowball" the 19 y/o kitty passed away at home.  Snowball has traveled to more than 25 states with his owner, Rich.  They traveled together for work in Rich's truck.  You will be missed my friend.

"Daizy Mae" passed away at home at the age of two. Sweet Daizy had liver failure and fought until the very end.  She was rescued from a Puppy Mill and given a most incredible family and lots of love.  RIP beautiful girl.

"Bad Boy" the handsome 15 y/o Siamese passed away on Saturday. Missed very much by The Frazee Family.

March 2017

"Maura Hope"...Great White Pyrannese puppy...was hit by a car and passed away instantly. Although you were only with us for a few short months...we loved you like crazy.

"Chloe" beautiful Jack Russell passed away unexpectantly today in her owners arms...only 10 and gone too soon.  Love you baby.

"Stuie" passed away at home at the age of 14 1/2. He was a beautiful tiger kitty who loved to be surrounded by people.

"Cooper" lived to be 8 1/2 years old. He was a beautiful Retriever who lost his life to cancer.  Missed by the whole Belleau family.

"Mulan" was only 11 when she passed away.  Loved by everyone ...especially Danielle.

"Dolly" Wiggle Butt Underwood passed away at age 8 from cancer. Dolly was always by Kevin's side as she was his seizure dog. She will be missed by everyone who knew her. Her time on earth was spent doing what she loved with the man who loved her most.

"Martin" the kitty passed away at age 6.  Such a friendly guy who purred to everyone he met.

"Bodie" was a very beautiful Retriever who lived to be 11. Bodie loved the water all the time! You were loved very much by everyone sweet boy.

"Timmy Boo" 18 1/2 year old sweet little Maltese passed away at home in his owners arms. Timmy waited for Janet to get home and have one last kiss.

"Max" lived a spoiled life with the Shantry Family for 12 years.  Loved every minute.

"Daisy Jane"...10 year old beautiful Chow/Lab mix...lived a wonderful life with The Donahue Family.  You are missed very much sweet girl.

"Jake"....wonderful Australian Herder...lived an incredible life of 15 years with The Bartholomew Family.  Jake traveled the country by Rex's side and loved every adventure.

"Howie"...9 y/o beautiful Golden passed away at home.  He is missed terribly by his mate and his family, The Cherwinski's

"Pooh" ....15 year old kitty loved by The Zampich Family passed away at home.

"Liebchen"..My little Love...passed away at home with The Breens close by.  This sweet Boxer was 9 years old.

"Suzie" ...wonderful kitty who was adopted by The Honeycutt Family over 12 years ago....passed away at home with her family nearby.

"Lucky"the Beagle spent his last 5 years in the wonderful home of the Rice Family. Lucky passed away at age 16.

"Jackson" passed away at the age of 9. He was surrounded by a wonderful family who will miss him dearly. His full name was...Jackson Franklin Lewis Jones III.

"Daisy" aged 14....passed away after a wonderful life with The Krueger Family.

"Ginger"...10 y/o stunning Golden Retriever.  Ginger loved her life on the river with The Coulter family.

February 2017

"Lucky" the Beagle passed away at age 16. He was taken into the Rice Family and lived his last three years with this wonderful family.

Beautiful Macy lived to be 11 years old as part of the Schreiber Family.  Macy was a sweet Golden Retriever who was loved by all who met her.

"Gus" 12 y/o German Shepard passed away today at home after a wonderful life with The Athan Family

"J.J. The wonderful kitty lived to be an old man in the Campbell Family....spoiled and loved every day. Together again with his sweet sister, Ginger.

"Mocha and Lizzie"  beautiful girls who passed away surrounded by family ...R.I.P. Sweet girls on your journey together to the Rainbow Bridge

"Poppie" 10y/o beautiful black and white Pit passed away today...loved by the entire Lacy Household.

"Junior" 17 y/o orange tabby passed away after a long, wonderful life with The Taskey Family.

"Peter Francis" only 3 1/2 passed away at home from a sudden heart attack. He was a beautiful silver tabby who loved everyone...especially his"boy", David.

"Bradley" the cat lived a wonderful 15 years with the Ploe Family.  Spoiled every day of his life.

"Gertrude" the Bassett Hound passed away at age 14. Gertie was a special member of the Borowiak family and will be missed every day.  Ashley loved Gertie for many years and holds a special place in the hearts of all who knew her.

"Tank" age 9 was a wonderful member of The Wakely family.  He was part Lab and part mastiff.  Passed away from a massive heart attack surrounded by his family.  Hugs to all of you.

"Chicko" the Pomeranian Chihuahua loved life! He traveled all over the country and especially loved riding on the family Mules and he had a special seat on the back of John's Harley.  He was only 11 but lived life to the fullest.

"Jiggs"the handsome Boxer...lived a wonderful life with The Cook family. He loved to stop and smell the flowers...and he loved all people. R.I.P. Beautiful boy.

"Maggie" 13 y/o stunning chocolate lab passed away at home with her family losing her paws. She fought a tough battle and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday.

"Zoey" 6 1/2 year old beautiful black lab passed away in a house fire in Petoskey. Her family is devastated with this loss. Two of the family pets also passed away and their 7 month old Bailey survived.  Hugs to you in this very sad time.

"Sam" 17 y/o Beagle passed away after a wonderful life with The Nelson Family. Sam was a special member of the family and loved every single day.

"Duke"  10 y/o Rottweiler passed away at home surrounded by family.  His master just passed away last month.  Together again at The Rainbow Bridge.

January 2017

"Maggie"  14 y/o sweet Chocolate Lab.  You fought hard but your body just gave out.  You are no longer in pain.   Love you and miss you so much.

"Kyra" ....wonderful girl and companion.  We will miss you very much sweet girl...J and B

"Beau" and "Tank"....very special rescued Newfoundlands...passed away together after being hit by a truck...sad sad day at The Meech and Honson homes...

"Jasper"..wonderful pet for 14 years. We will all miss your kind spirit..The Carey Family

"Moe"....beautiful 13 y/o English dog...wonderful Mama to all of her pups. Loved and spoiled by The Gancer family

"Boots"  handsome little black Pomeranian left us today at age 15. He will be meeting his Mama at The Rainbow Bridge....loved for The last year by The McBride Family.

"Cody" only 8 years old....sweet black Lab was hit by a car and passed away way too young.  Loved and spoiled by The Wright ya buddy.

"Turbo" the handsome kitty was 16y/o when he passed away peacefully.  Much love was given to this sweet boy by The Elsesser Family.  Hope you are chasing mice in the sunshine.  Hugs until we meet at The Rainbow Bridge.

"Gracie" the 14 y/o Weimaraner...passed away surrounded by those who loved her.  She was a playful family member who won many awards and loved to fish in the lake! Wouldn't get out of the water till her lips turned blue!  Hugs to a wonderful family who loved her so much...The Jamieson's

"Julia" the bunny...only four years old and loved and spoiled by The Goga Family.

"Nora" left her earthly family today after many years with The Morin family.  You were a sweet girl and loved by all who met you.

"Charlie" the beautiful Chihuahua...passed away from heart failure at age 11...he lost his owner only a year ago and died from a broken heart.  Charlie traveled by plane, car, and motor home to many more places than some people. Missed by The Petz family.

"Sunny" the 15 y/o Shitzu passed away surrounded by those that spoiled him every day of his life.  Loved and missed by The Hogan Family.

"Little Bear" passed away at home at age 14. He was a therapy dog for a heart patient and will be missed beyond words.  Hugs to the Scott Family.

"Sylvia" passed away peacefully in her sleep after a wonderful life at The Sharp's home.  This beautiful Tortie was 20 y/o

"Jack" the 5 month old sweet  Pyrenees...passed away after a terrible reaction to medication.  R.I.P. Sweet boy

"Shadow" the 16 y/o showed up at our house and we loved you from the first moment we met you.  Thanks for the memories sweet boy

"Boomer" the will be missed very much by The Sutton's

"Chewy" ...5 month old passed away way too young but were loved very minute of your short life sweet boy.

December 2016

"Cody"....only 12...lost his Mama only two months ago and died of a broken heart...

"Belle"..beautiful chihuahua passed away at age 12. Spoiled by The Posch Family from the age of 8 weeks....the house is empty without you sweet girl.

"Aussie"....wonderful member of The Karll Family passed away from an aggressive form of cancer right before Christmas....missed very much and loved every day

Miss Molly...beautiful kitty passed away at home at age 20. Loved her Pet sisters and brothers and especially Crystal and Jeff.

"Charlie"...12.9 years old..rescued as a two year old and spent many wonderful with The Bulmer Family. Charlie loved snowplowing with his Dad in the Big Truck.

Fletcher"....handsome black kitty passed away at home after 13 wonderful years with The Martin's

"Henry"  wonderful kitty passed away after 13 years with The Price Family.  You were loved so much by all of us.  We will miss you dearly.

"Tigger" 16 y/o kitty loved by all who met him.  The McCaffrey's

"Angel Pie" 20y/o kitty  loved and spoiled every day by The Buchner Family

"Daisy Mae" 12y/o Bassett Hound...loved every day by The Gould Family

"Autumn Breeze"....13.5 y/o...wonderful companion of The Stegman family and the most exceptional bird dog ever. R.I.P. Sweet girl.

November 2016

"Sage"....beautiful 15 y/o German Shepard....lived a wonderful life in Virginia, Texas and finally Michigan. Sage was loved by all who met her.  You were loved and spoiled by many sweet girl.

"Bailey Girl".   10Y/o Chocolate. lab ....lived a spoiled life in The Huey Family.....missed every minute and loved forever

"Chance"....beautiful 14y/o Flat Coat Retriever was adopted from a shelter at age 1. He was named"Chance" for his chance at life. They were all looking for a small dog...until the kids spotted sweet at first sight! R.I.P. Wonderful friend.

Daisy"....awesome Lab had a wonderful 15 years with The Roberts family....hugs sweet girl

Savannah.....wonderful 11y/o kitty who ruled The Sloan house...missed very much

Lil' Scruffie....14 y/o Apricot Toy Poodle who chose The LaBouef Family as her own.  Very loved and missed by all who knew her

"Polly"....13 y/o Chocolate Lab lost her battle with Cancer on Monday.  We have known Polly since she was a puppy and know how much she was loved and spoiled by The Driver Family

"Jonah"..9 Y/o...sweet boy who was a big part of the Denney family..missed very much.

"Hershey" the Beagle...12 y/o...sweet girl who was a special part of The Budd Family

"Sophie" ...The beautiful Pug....only 8 but had a wonderful, fun filled life traveling the country with Jack.  You are missed more than you know sweet girl.

"Max" the 14y/o Pomeranian...handsome boy loved very much by Anna

October 2016

"Bobby" the handsome Maine Coon lived to be 15.  He showed up at The Fleming home a stranger and left as a wonderful friend.  Missed very much.

"Mr.Whiskers" ....only lived to be two years old but loved every day by The Babcock family

"Bella" passed away at age 11...wonderful member of The Sircely family and missed every day.

"Hopscotch" the bunny and "Olaf" the cockatiel....wonderful companions of the Merrill Family

"Arthur Allen"...extremely handsome golden retriever passed away at age couldn't have lived in a more wonderful, loving family sweet boy.  Loved very much by The Greve's

"Toby" the handsome Pomeranian...passed away at only 7 1/2 from a seizure. You are missed very much sweet boy by the whole Sami Family.

"Mollie Mae" lived a wonderful 14 years with the Wells Family.  She was a rescued beagle mix and loved every single day. Beautiful girl...we have added her picture to our Angel Wall.

"Mac"...lived to be 20 after being rescued by Theresa in 1996. He had been abandoned by previous renters...He kept jumping in Theresa's car and the rest is history. Mac stole her heart and he will be very missed.

"Jet"...15 y/o...handsome black lab...missed very much by The Harding Family

"Nico" sweet Chihuahua....15...passed away while surrounded by his family, The Hale's

"Murphy"...We lost our wonderful cat last's taken me this long to write about him. Murphy just showed up at our house about 13 years ago....our Siamese cat had opened the sliding door and there sat Murph in our bedroom! He quickly became a favorite! Hiked with us every day for 2 miles, welcomed all of the new members of the family first, brought us many "treats" And was a gentle old soul. Miss you very much sweet boy.

"Patsy" the beautiful bunny...passed away in her owners arms.  Patsy was 5 1/2  and loved everyone. Loved by The Goga Family

"Marley" 15 y/o Toy Poodle...spoiled and loved every single day. Missed by Kim

"Whiskers" 2 1/2 yr. old Teddy Bear hamster passed away on Sunday.  He loved to eat Fruit Loops for breakfast with Isabelle.  Missed very much

September 2016

"Cleo" 10y/o passed away from Cancer on Saturday.  Loved very much by The Dixon's

"Maverick" 18 y/o handsome Golden Tabby Cat. RIP sweet boy

"Miss Daisy" the two year old Rat...missed very much by Nicole

"Shadow" 12 y/o beautiful cat...whenever a storm was approaching, she would open the cupboard doors and hide inside.  Loved every day by Bill

"Bell" 13 y/o passed away at home. Sweet little Chihuahua who just loved Sandy and Dean

"Annie" 14 y/o beautiful companion of Lucky's who passed away last Friday.  Missed by Joe and the rest of her feline family

"Lucy" the 13 y/o Lab ...sweet companion to the Kortge Family.  Loved by everyone and missed terribly.

"Annie" the 11 y/o Lab Mix passed away at home on Labor Day.  Loved very much by The Underwood family and all of the kids.

"Staley" 12y/o kitty passed away at home.  Staley loved to run through the quilts and mess them up after they had been put out.  Loved by The Golnick Family

"Alice" the 10y/o bunny...passed away at home. Loved very much by The Wieschowski's

"Boudreaux" age 3 passed away while on a hike with his family.  Beautiful Mastiff who is missed very much by The Broadley's

"Elbereth" age 16   Loved and missed very much by The Dewyer's

"Lucky" age 8...wonderful companion for Mr. Hoehn

"Harley" age 11 1/2 passed away on Friday.  Handsome Lab loved by the Miller Family

August 2016

"Tank" age 16....handsome Beagle had a long, happy life with The Scharffe Family

"Molly" age 2 1/2 ...hit by a car In Lewiston...sweet girl had a wonderful life after being rescued....loved by The Hunter-Millar Family

"Rascal" age 15...Walker Hound Mix....loved every day by The  Detkowski Family

"Midnight" Passed away at home at age 10...loved by The Feeley's Family

"Harry Houdini" passed away at age 1 after being hit by a you...Maddie

"Mr.Sniffles...4 y/o Guinea Pig...missed by The Matelski's

"Gus" only three but loved every minute of your short life...The Vitalano Family

"Milo"...sweet member of The Fruehauf Family....missed very much

"Aldvin"...6 year old Bearded Dragon...loved by Alexis

"Brandywine"...age 17....our hearts are empty with your passing...The Tackett's

"Gizmo" 13...loved every day by The Connor Family

"Red" 8 year old bunny....missed by Sue and John

"Jude" age 14...our house is empty with you gone...The Hart's

"Rocky" age 11...loved very much by The Wright Family

"Penny" age 16...missed and loved very much by Barb.

"Oliver"  passed away at age 1 1/2.  Love you sweet boy...The Mankowski Family

"Marley" ....only 4...born with a heart problem...we were lucky to spend four wonderful years with you. RIP sweet heart. The Knauff Family

"Tifa" beautiful Boston Terrier..only 8...collapsed while playing in the yard with her sister.  Loved by The Looze Family

"Tubbo" ...we were lucky to have spent 8 years with you...missed by The Conant Family

"Caila" age 14...loved to lay in the snow, swim in the pool and even get in the hot tub!!  Miss you sweet girl...The Evans Family

July 2016

Cheyenne aged 13...beautiful girl passed away at home. Loved by The LaPointe Family

Ivan..18 wonderful years you gave you. The Cokewell's

Maggie aged 10...beautiful Beagle missed very much by Greg

BJ..aged 12...100# of pure love passed away at home with those he loved the most...missed by The Witt Family

Ruby..lived 11 wonderful years with The Stephens Family..miss you girl

Spunky Marie...beautiful kitty who lived 23 years! Loved by The Kellers

Koda...aged 12...missed very much by The Whitney-Krueger Family

Sweet Sadie...9 y/o Golden, passed away yesterday with her owner by her side. She passed away at the place she loved the best...her Lake house. Missed so very much by The Cox Family

Beautiful Kiara passed away shortly after losing her owner...together again at The Rainbow Bridge. Loved and missed by The Taylor Family

B.J. Passed away at home at the age of 12. 100 pounds of pure love.  Loved every minute by The Whitt Family

Buster 13 1/2. Rescued at age 11 and spoiled every day after by The Radcliff's from Chicago. "if love could've saved you, you would've lived forever".

June 2016

"Blizzard" 9 y/o pure white Siberian Husky...passed away from cancer on Monday.  Loved the snow...hated the rain...but loved Jim even more.

"Sadie" 14 y/o loved every day by Mr. Artress

"Louie" the 12 y/o passed away at home on Saturday.  You are missed very much..The Bowers

"Sophie" 11 y/o beautiful Wheaton Terrier passed away at home with her family near by. Hugs to the Duncan Family

"Flirt" 13 y/o loved very much By The Gancer Family

Jazzy" 16 years old...passed away at home with his family near...loved and missed very much

"Morgan" 17 y/o beautiful black chihuahua passed away at home from old age. Missed by The Henry's

May 2016

"Stanley"...beautiful German Shepard whose life was cut short by Cancer...only five years old...missed very much by Marty

"Apache" 14 y/o wolf-Dane...beautiful protector and companion for were blessed by The Native Americans ...May your spirit live on sweet boy

"Patches" 16 y/o hunting dog ever.  Loved by his special pal..Mr. Mallory

"Willey"...16 y/o kitty passed away at home after a wonderful life with The Bristow Family

"Bosley" age 10..passed away at home with his family close by...loved by The Hahn Family

"Bonnie Blue"...beautiful 14 y/o Golden....missed and loved every day by The Stachulski Family

"Luna" 12 y/o passed away at home..loved every day by The Walker Family

"Lucky" 10 y/o sweet pulled through a lot in your life...missed and loved by The Raymond Family

"Vegas" 6 y/o Hen from the Goga Family

"Buddy" sweet member of The Lockwood Family..loved and spoiled every day

"Manitou" 12 y/o handsome German Shepard...missed very much by The Kunisch Family

"Rosie" the sweet little Shitzu passed away on are missed by the Siminec Family and your sweet little brother

"Loco" the 24 y/o Cockatoo passed away suddenly ....hugs to Carol Sue and family

Hugs to the Hahn Family on the loss of sweet Bosley

Indian River Vet Clinic had several losses today...hugs to the following families..."Ruby" Millitello, "Mekka" Hartshorn, and "Kelly" Reynolds

"Rocky"...handsome Golden passed away at home surrounded by his family. Rocky was 8 1/2

Bay Pines Vet Clinic had several losses today...hugs to the following families: "Brock" Brecheisen, "Toby" Tabor,  and "Simon" Donahoo

April 2016

"Addis" 14 year old English Setter passed away today. What a wonderful life he had with some very special people.  Addis had a life fit for a king! Missed very much by Linda & Jeffrey

Olive  passed away at age 13 after a wonderful life with The Van Til will be missed so much

Boo the kitty crossed The Rainbow Bridge today...loved very much by The Knickerbocker Family

"Malla" a beautiful Mastiff passed away today after a wonderful life with Kirby and his family...hugs are coming your way

"Mollie" 11 y/o Springer passed away today from skin cancer. Mollie was an avid bird hunter and will be missed by her sister and The Miles family. Loved every day....

March 2016

"Brickie" the handsome Golden Doodle who lived with Jane and loved going to work with her at will be missed by so many and you were loved by all.

"Rufus" Handsome 16 y/o grey Chihuahua lived a wonderful life after being rescued by Carrie...Rufus passed away at home next to Carrie's chair

"Loki " the 2 1/2 y/o beautiful black lab passed away from a freak accident on Sunday...loved so very much by Brandon and Trisha...missed terribly

"Charlie"  12 y/o ....loved by The Marsiglia family for many years

"Bailey" the 9 y/o Mastiff...wonderful friend to all of us and a gentle giant with their children...hugs to The Bozzer Family

"Brandy" 16 y/o beautiful kitty...loved by The Kuckenbecker Family

"Leia" 12 Y/o Golden from Taiwan...rescued as a puppy and brought back to the USA by The Hammond Family...

"Maggie" 16 y/o.... the stunning Lab...champion duck hunter too...traveled all over the USA.  Loved every second by The Cooper Family

"Kizer" 13 y/o handsome German Shepard...lived a wonderful life with The Friend Family and guarded the ranch every day...missed very much

"Mia" beautiful Lab passed away unexpectantly at home....loved and spoiled by The Mann Family

"Simon" 11 y/o Bassett Hound rescued and love by The Underwood Family...softest ears!

"Misty"  11 y/o sweet girl passed away after a wonderful life with The Polaniec Family

"Sweet Pea" 10 y/o bunny...loved every day by The Donofrio Family

"Magoo" handsome golden Retriever...only 6...passed away at home from heart complications.  Magoo loved to watch TV and listen to guitar music...quite a character...beautiful boy, you are sure gonna be missed by The Deschermeier Family and your big brother too.

"Mordi" 14 y/o Standard Poodle...loved so very much by had quite the life sweet boy...walking on the beach and going everywhere that Jeanne went.  You will be missed every minute of every day.

"Callie"...sweet Guinea pig...only 3 will be missed by The Chartier's

"Dallas" 11 y/o handsome Boxer passed away at home.  Loved and spoiled by The Meredith's

"Tigger" 19 y/o handsome member of The McNeil family passed away at home. Loved very much by the whole family.

"Rusty" the 14 y/o Pekinese rescued from Naples, FL. Loved life in Harbor Springs with The Kalita family

"Jake" the 14 y/o Rat Terrier passed away after a long life with the Paul family.

February 2016

"Allie" only 8...passed away from cancer...loved very much by The Landry Family of Rosebush

"Magic" the 16 year old Golden Retriever passed away at home from old age.  Loved and spoiled by the whole Olson Family..therapy pal to Tyler, too.

"Fido"- beautiful Bull Terrier passed away from kidney failure at the age of 11 1/2.  She was loved and spoiled by The Kosack Family.  Sweet, sweet girl.

"Sinago" the beautiful Bombay Cat....age 16...loved to sit next to the computer while his family worked.  When he thought it was time for bed, he would tap their faces and hands until they followed him to bed.  Missed by Elle and Wes

"Owen" passed away at home after a battle with cancer at age 12...missed by The Foley's

"Sammy" beautiful Retriever passed away at home at the age of 11...loved and missed by The Curtiss Family

"SoBe"the gorgeous Siamese cat...passed away at age 14  loved by Sherry, Hannah and Lee

"Bella"the beautiful Retriever  passed away at age 11...loved by The Barette Family

"Spunker" sweet kitty passed away at age 13...spoiled by The Inman Family

"Willie" the Shitzu...passed away at age 7...rescued at age 1 and loved every minute by The Crooks Family

"Penny" the very loved and spoiled world traveler....15 y/o black toy poodle...passed away at age 15 loved and missed by Renne and Lynette

"Peanut" the 8 y/o beautiful grey bunny...lived a wonderful life inside the house with Susan

"Oscar" the tiny Guinea pig..loved and pampered by the Feeley's

"Chloe" beautiful 17 y/0 very spoiled dachshund. Loved so very much by the entire Zyble family

"Bo" the wonderful golden retriever passed away this afternoon with his family by his side...missed and loved by The Bowen Family

"Cinnamon"  passed away today at age 8. She was a beautiful brindle Boxer who died from a brain tumor.   Her family loved her very much....she was very spoiled by all of them.  Hugs to The Vandenbrook Family

"Saige"...very handsome Boxer rescued by The DeRosia family...missed every day by the whole family...passed away surrounded by love

"Zoey"..sweet little black and white Rat Terrier...passed away at home from stomach cancer...loved and spoiled by The Welt Family

"Max"...beautiful golden retriever...only 7 1/2...passed away from cancer....loved very much by Jay and Jessica

"Flipper" the kitty...passed away from FLV at age 8...missed very much by Melissa

"Buddy" only 7...hit by a car ....companion to Nancy and missed terribly...Buddy was a very handsome Labradoodle and a gift for Nancy

"LuLu"  only 4...passed away from cancer at one...loved by David and Elisa

"Penny" aged 12...rescued by Mrs. Brown after she found Sweet Penny in a snow bank two years ago....Thank God for people like gave Penny the best last days of her life

"Missy" aged 15...loved and missed by The Goss Family